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Why pay now? Pay when you wish! INTERBOVES offers a great number of possibilities of financing your investment in livestock. In cooperation with leading credit institutions in Europe we work out the best financing solutions for your needs and abilities.

Without any advanced payment we finance up to 5 years, whereas the 1st installment is payable within 12 months. Without any commission for us we pass on the interest rate, which depends on the solvency of your enterprise, your bank and on your country index.

Common example – Financing of Holstein heifers:
No. of instalment payable in months after delivery proceeds until maturity
1st installment after 9 months 4.500 kg milk + calf
2nd installment after 15 months 7.000 kg milk
3th installment after 21 months 12.000 kg milk + calf
4th installment after 27 months 15.000 kg milk
5th installment after 33 months 20.500 kg milk + calf
6th installment after 39 months 24.000 kg milk

The calculation is based on the following assumption: 3 months after delivery 1st calving 370 days calving interval 1st lactation 7.000 kgs, 2nd lactation. 8.000 kgs, 3rd lactation 9.000 kgs

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