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Selection arrangement

Do you wish to rely on us and on our experience in the selection of high-quality animals?Or maybe you prefer to select your livestock personally?

Whatever your decision may be, you can be certain that you will get only healthy good quality animals from INTERBOVES that are most appropriate for your needs and fully meeting your taste.

When you come here to make a selection yourselves, you will be in our care from the moment of arrival and you will be our guest to the last moment of your visit. We prepare the selection the way you prefer: either we present you the animals on the farms where they are raised or you inspect pre-selected animals, fitting agreed conditions, in our quarantine facilities. You yourself you will choose only those animals completely satisfying your taste and our experts will provide you with any assistance needed.

As everything will be completely arranged by us, you simply have to come. If a visa is required, we will provide you immediately with our invitation and guarantee letter, search for your nearest German embassy and assist you there in case of any complication.

When can we welcome you here and help you choose the animals you are looking for? We know where the proper animals are!